NEW JR XG-14 radio in stock now

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NEW JR XG-14 radio in stock now

Postby Colin Gontier on Wed Aug 21, 2013 7:21 am

The XG-14 is finally here. Very very capable radio for the price and usual JR refinements - uses stick units from the range topping DSX12 for fantastic feel and the new X-bus system not only offers frame rate advantages but a myriad of options on mixing multiple servos (for example in multi rudder and aileron applications), and also allows users to mix standard servos (through separate conversion leads coming soon) with X-bus servos.

Amazing offer price of £339 transmitter only - this offer is time limited until 28th August
Call for combo offers with single or multiple receivers

In stock and shipping now - Mode 1 and Mode 2 available

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