Goldwing Yak 55M 70e

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Goldwing Yak 55M 70e

Postby MadMick on Tue Jul 24, 2018 3:20 pm

Well some of you may noticed i have had to sell alot of gear recently to make ends meat and i have moaned alot about it to be fair.

But it seems my Amazing Mrs has been listening all along and to my amazement i found this in the living room for my 31st :D :dance:

I have to say im very impressed with the kit quality although i have not had a good look at the hardware yet. Its seems frail as most 3d E frames are these days but also incredibly light and rigid. And the UC looks solid enough too ;)

Despite been 70e as well it looks nearer 30cc. I will take some better pictures of the internals but so far i very impressed and the scheme is growing on me more and more.

I will have to source some parts first but I have a scorpion motor, rx and props at least as a start 8-)


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