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Postby tonys on Fri Feb 01, 2019 9:22 am

Ally Young, I don't think the hobby is knackered, maybe for you or you have lost interest. As membership Secretary of my club we have had an influx of new members with 4 of them being under the age of 18.
I think the BMFA site and FB have moved people away from HA. Also clubs can develop there own website through the BMFA. And many clubs have gone down this road.The lack of model shops doesn't help much. I live in Cambridge and have a 50 mile trip to my nearest model shop, Inwoods. Buying online is one thing, to actually get out to a model shop was one of the joys of this hobby. Things change and we have to move forward. If you don't then you will be left behind....
I am getting on a bit now, but still planning on building (scratch) a 1/6 P51d and looking forward to it. Having also recently finished a p47(jug) and not a scrap of foam in sight.
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Re: Site Traffic

Postby Ally Young on Fri Feb 01, 2019 6:36 pm

Hi Tonis ,

That's good to hear that things are a bit brighter where you are and for you personally. Cambridge is obviously quite a big population centre with lots of people within a manageable radius. I'm glad your club is managing to sustain interest. I'm not convinced it's quite the same everywhere else though.

Keep having fun.

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Re: Site Traffic

Postby Dickw on Sat Feb 02, 2019 2:44 pm

it's not too bad down here in Luton either - mebership of our local club is holding up OK and there has been quite a bit of flying so far this year despite the winter weather.

Model shops in the vicinity are few and far between so I rarely get to use them with most of my stuff being bought on-line these days. The specialist stuff usually comes from international sources direct from manufacturers or specialist suppliers anyway.

I am not a fan of "social media" so avoid it entirely, and also tend not to get involved in chit-chat even on modelling forums. These days I just use the forums to ask for help with things I don't understand, or supply answers to other people if I can (I check in daily) - but yes it is a shame to see forums slowly drying up.

I suppose much of the problem is that if people now just go and buy a ready to fly model and go fly it - what would they need a forum for?

Grow old disgracefully.
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Re: Site Traffic

Postby Big Si on Sun Feb 03, 2019 10:45 pm

Just had our first committee meeting of the year
54 joined so far and around 10 more in the next week or so that we know of
and that's despite having to maybe move half way through the year as the landlord wants to turn our club house into a house and a couple of offices
so don't think that's to bad
only down side no young blood
just old farts like me and even older :?
so still modelers out there for sure :D
Due to economic circumstances, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off until further notice
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Re: Site Traffic

Postby Dave Wilshere on Mon Feb 04, 2019 5:05 pm

We have a culture of people joining the club, its habbit for many, 'Yes I'll fly more this year' They don't!!
PMFC is one of the biggest clubs, amazing facilities with paved pits, heated club house, covered areas, 12v charging. Last year we saw the odd day with 20+ flyers, the last 2 months 4-6 flyers...from 200 members.
Then, if they are actually flying, how many are buying from hobby shops? Turn up with new models and equipment-bought from hobby shops, not so many if it's like the three clubs I'm a member of.
So many people down scaling or leaving the hobby are selling new/nearly new stuff and that fuels the market for those with a desire to have something new...when this dries up and they look for something new from a hobby business they will find its too late.
The hobby will die with our generation, kids don't have the desire to 'build' stuff with their hands, they will program a computer and 'design and build' a virtual item, but not get their hands skills. When I was young we would by a new drum bearing or motor for the washing machine, now you throw it away and buy another.
"Do or Do not. There is no try" -Yoda
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