IMAC Omagh 24th May 2014

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IMAC Omagh 24th May 2014

Postby matt_ni on Thu May 29, 2014 9:51 am

IMAC returned to the County of Tyrone near the town of Omagh for the second time on Saturday 24th May 2014. Building from the success of the season opener in Ballymoney 11 pilots lined up a day’s competition. The weather conditions look ok, it was a little overcast and there for a stiff crosswind but compared to the wash out we had last year no one was complaining. The club members of Tyrone Model Flying Association (TMFA) had the site looking superb and as before couldn’t be more pleasant and helpful/

Pilot List

Basic Class

-Dermot Gallon (Hangar 9 Beast, Futaba TX)

Sportsman Class

-Brian Foran (Hangar 9 Carden Extra 300, JR 11x)

-Alan O’Connor (Hangar 9 Yak 54 QQ, Spektrum DX9)

-Ger Kilbey (Hangar 9 Yak54 QQ, Spektrum DX8)

-Iain Johnston (Hangar 9 27% Extra 260 electric, Spektrum DX18)

Intermediate Class

-Harry Reid (Hangar 9 Carden Yak 54, JR 12x)

-Mikey Blake (Hangar 9 Inverza 33 electric, Spektrum DX9)

-Robert Graham (Extreme Flight Extra 300 91” electric, JR12x)

-Stephen Tait (Extreme Flight Edge 540 88”, JR12x)

-Sean Scullion (Pilot RC Yak 54 100cc, Spektrum DX9)

Unlimited Class

-Matthew Poots (Carden Extra 300 126”, Spektrum DX18)

After a short pilot’s brief we got into the air at 10am. Paul Harrison & I judged Basic to intermediate classes and Iain swapped with me to judge Unlimited. Dermot was first in the air flying a Double Known in his very first IMAC comp, in the challenging crosswind he first flight was good if a little Nervous and he got the Beast on the ground on the tight TMFA strip. His smile said it all, that’s what IMAC is all about, sticking your head above the parapet and challenging yourself in a competition environment.

Onto Sportsman class and Alan & Ger had a pair of new Hangar 9 Yak 54 QQ’s, the Yak showed it’s competition pedigree and Alan & Ger flew them really nicely, the 111cc had lots of power and the Yak presents very well. Brian and Iain flew the same aircraft as they did at Causeway coast 3 weeks earlier, I was really impressed with Brian’s flying you could see an improvement even in those 3 weeks. Iain was getting to grips with my Electric Extra 260 now, but they smaller model was getting blown out in the crosswind.

The intermediate class has emerged in IMAC NI as the most competitive class, this time we had 5 pilots all vying for the top spot. Robert flew first with his beautiful Hacker powered EF Extra 300, a slow small footprint schedule was flown and Robert showed his experience in the crosswind keeping it in with some skilful wind correction, unfortunately on landing approaching steadily and touching down gently, the wet grass strip that was little soft under foot, caught the U/C on the Extra and it cracked, causing the U/C to shear off just above the spat. Robert commented that it was the second time it had happened on a seemingly perfect approach, perhaps a little weakness in the U/C design. It was a real shame as it rule Robert out of the comp. Sean was steady with his Yak and as usual avoided too many mistakes to score well. Stephen had his EF Edge back in the air and the piped DA60 was putting out plenty of power, the benefit of the Edge was clear to see and he was flying really well, his negative snap on the 1st Sharks tooth of the Intermediate known was perfect every time and exactly how a snap should be, a delight to watch. Harry’s trusty Carden Yak was struggling slightly for power in the crosswind, his DA50 after probably 5 seasons of hard flying might be in need of some TLC, none the less Harry managed well and showed hard work and determination pays of, his sequences are improving every flight. Mikey won the prize for the furthest travelled, getting on the road at 4.30am from Tipperary he showed no signs of tiredness and flying his hangar 9 Inverza 33 on a 10s F3A electric setup, he had bundles of power and kept his F3A background showed, a well paced smooth flight throughout.

Unfortunately I was the only pilot in Unlimited, Angus had hoped to travel up but had a small technical problem during the week and hadn’t got a chance to prove it out before coming to the comp, so wisely stayed at home. I used the opportunity to get a few more practise sequences in, especially useful in the crosswind.

Midway through the day, the TMFA had laid on a superb BBQ lunch for us all, including any spectators who had shown up. Dee was responsible for organising it all and we thank her and her band of helpers for it, I don’t think anyone went hungry or thirsty, as Tea was on offer all day.

After 5 rounds of competition, I got to work inputting the scores to the IMAC score program, whilst Iain & my dad drew the Action MS raffle. We again had 30 prizes from our kind sponsors and raised close to £160 on the day. A big thanks to the sponsors and everyone who bought tickets, this will go along with £200 plus we raised at Causeway Coast and whatever is raised at the season ending comp in Newbuidlings.


- RC Factory/Electric Wingman

- Powerbox Systems

- Emcotec

- Engel Modelbau

- Jersey modeller

- Scorpion Power Systems

- Horizon Hobby UK

After the results were inputted and the score program had done it’s sums, they results were as follow.


1.Dermot Gallon

1.Ger Kilbey
2.Alan O’Connor
3.Iain Johnston
4.Brian Foran

1.Mikey Blake
2.Sean Scullion
3.Stephen Tait
4.Harry Reid
5.Robert Graham

1.Matthew Poots

Overall scores can be found on IMAC UK site.

Once again a big thanks to all the pilots, spectators, judges, sponsors and the host club of TMFA for a great day of competition. We have a break locally over the summer until New Buildings at the end of September, but I know a few guys are hoping to travel to some IMAC comps on the mainland in the meantime, We wish them well.






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