G"day mate!!!!

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G"day mate!!!!

Postby Craig on Tue Jun 18, 2019 1:06 pm

So I've been popping in now and then here on the forum and finally reset my bloody password to drop in officially.

I hope you mad bunch have been doing well...

Well Australia is Australia! and the things they say about the place being upside down are absolutely true :lol: somethings are are just backwards. :shock: :lol: :lol:

other than that, things are going great. I haven't been as active these past few months on the model side, but still dabble here and there and always have a project or two going.Works been pretty cool and I've finally found something that I love and enjoy.Lets just say its playing with world class UAS technologies. I've recently acquired a full size Pitts Special S1S project from the great US of A and sold all the big expensive toys and a kidney to fund my new venture, :shock: :dance: I've been slowly working through my pilots license and thoroughly enjoying the challenge. Last weekend I was fortunate enough to find my ass in the front seat of a Stearman with no other than mr Ido Segev. what an experience and to share it with a great gifted friend.

Its great to see that the older faces here on this forum are still the same great guys and Sure the new guys are cool too.

I am loving the stuff Azz and his team are doing and the hard work and fun being had is awesome to see. One day i'll pop by mud island and grace you all with my presence! miss you all and I keep the fun memories I've had with you all throughout the years close to my heart.

I'll try to drop in more frequently and not be a stranger

till next time cheers
Livin the dream!

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