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Back after some time away.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2016 5:49 pm
by Chunk
Back on the site after a few years away, still always kept flying Models, :) just took some time off to qualify as a full size pilot.
Into my 4th year flying full size and missing the models so trying to spend more time at the field this year. Just completed a Krill 35% Extra 330Sc, flown it 5 times and its just amazing.

Lucky to have my own strip and field for the aircraft, sounds glamorous but 3 hours a week on the mower :twisted:

On the lookout for Krill Katana ????? had them before and regreted getting rid.Doh

Have in the hangar at the moment

Elan P80
Large H9 Decathlon , very nice on DLE 111 and twin JMB`s
EF Extra 88 DA50
Krill Extra 330 Sc
Wind, s Hacker
PC21 Seb
+ some other bits and bobs. Happy Landings. Craig