Hi from ireland

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Hi from ireland

Postby Flightpunch-34 on Sun Apr 27, 2014 10:46 pm


i'm a builder from ireland,have a wife and a son of 8years,i have been around RC stuff for aslong as i can remember,i started racing 5th scale cars a few years ago and done good enough in just a three year time frame to become a sponcered factory driver,was doing well in the racing in ireland and uk but my heart lied in the Flying,so i took up flying a year ago (used fly 15+ years ago) but things have changed.

so i mainly am in to Freestyle / 3D aerobatic,i just started one year ago (may 2013) with a Parkzone Visionaire,seemed to grow on me fast,after a 6weeks i could do most of what the envelope offered on the plane,but as we all know that's a great little plane to start with,it helps you out....but i had the intrest in the 3D flight and seemed to want to learn about it and figure out how and what all the control surfaces were doing in each of the tricks,so after 6 weeks i could do rolling harrier and most stuff with it.... i was delighted....

anyway, at the moment i am after finishing my new build (first gas plane) Inverza 33 with EVO 33 engine,i will report on here,we do our own videos and thanks to my wife nicola she records for me,we fly and just have fun.
my son also has recently taken up the flying with me and has a firebird stratos,he is quite handy with it.
it's fun to take him out flying.

i am now a member of our local flying club also.

see ya on the forums
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Re: Hi from ireland

Postby Arun on Mon Apr 28, 2014 8:34 am

Welcome mate, there's plenty of info on the Inverza on this forum if you do a search. Cheers.
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Re: Hi from ireland

Postby -steves- on Mon Apr 28, 2014 1:50 pm

Hi ya Dan

Welcome to the forum, I do hope you find it a great place for info and a laugh ;)
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