No Nationals then :-(

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No Nationals then :-(

Postby Big Si on Tue Mar 01, 2016 10:25 am

So it seems no Nationals at all now
going to be very strange not going there this year as be the first time not in 19 years solid
first went in 1978 and been hooked ever since
its a shame that they cant find anywhere in the hole off the UK to hold it
what gets me is they were saying it was going to be the last anyway and then moving so whats happened to where ever they were going to go to ?
shame if its no more as 1 event I have always loved going to as so much there to see and do
we will see for next year then :pray:

Further to the previous announcement regarding the lack of availability of RAF Barkston Heath as a venue for the 2016 Power Nationals.

The Commandant of RAF College Cranwell subsequently reviewed the decision to decline permission for us to use RAF Barkston Heath for the 2016 Power Nationals and we regret that he has come back once again with a very firm ‘no’. He is citing the reason for his decision on advice received from the Lincolnshire Event Safety Partnership, a forum responsible for assessing the safety case for large events in the County.

This year, at the time of our event, access for traffic onto the airfield will be restricted by construction work for the new UK Military Flying Training System contractors. Apparently it is the opinion of both Lincolnshire South Council Highways Department and Lincolnshire Police that other events at Belton House and the National Superbikes Championships at Cadwell Park will push traffic volume on the County’s road network beyond a safe and acceptable level. Given these circumstances the Commandant has declined his permission for our event.

That an event some 40 miles away at Cadwell Park should have such an impact seems unlikely, but we have been faced with no option other than to seek alternative arrangements.

We have expended considerable resource in seeking alternative venues big enough to relocate elements of the Power Nationals, but I regret that at this time we have been unable to positively secure any suitable site.

With regret, the BMFA Executive have taken the decision not to pursue arrangements for holding the 2016 Power Nationals as a large public event and there will be no Showline/Trade event. Individual disciplines will therefore be holding their own National Championships at dates and venues to be confirmed.

I am sorry that we have been forced into this position, partly as a result of lack of co-operation from some within the current RAF command structure at RAF Cranwell. We intend to try and rebuild better relations with the decision makers and remain hopeful of seeing a return to RAF Barkston Heath in the future.
Due to economic circumstances, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off until further notice
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Re: No Nationals then :-(

Postby Maxpower on Tue Mar 01, 2016 10:47 am

they knew this was the case in August last year so why has no alternative venue been secured ??

There are venues that could be used and that have been used before for the Nationals, Fairford is just one example.

Seems the FF folk have been looked after - again

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Re: No Nationals then :-(

Postby Steelie600 on Tue Mar 01, 2016 1:43 pm

free flight boys club strike again

Bloody disgrace they are, they go on about RC being dangerous, yet people are injured every year in the ff pisstake
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