Weston Park 2018

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Weston Park 2018

Postby MadMick on Fri Jun 29, 2018 1:33 pm

Does anyone else think they really need to bring in some new material?

We go every year without fail and its starting to get a little old sadly.

The clip wing spit was brilliant and all the full size as usual but the glider really for the love of god needs a new soundtrack. If i hear the Titanic song one more time i think i will poke apc's in my ears.

The ww2 display also seems alot more of a free for all now too and less scale.

A Sky raider involved? This aint Nalm! Dont get me wrong get The Doors blasting and some hueys in there and im all for it as a different piece :D

Maybe im just too used to it and been picky but it definitely seems a bit predictable in some ways and the cost goes up every year so they need to up their game.

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