Save another piece of UK history!

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Save another piece of UK history!

Postby Dave Wilshere on Sun Jan 31, 2016 9:39 pm


The trustees have set up a petition, the link to which can be found below, and we are encouraging everyone with an interest in British history to sign it. You can also help by spreading the word about our campaign and the petition to save SRN4 Princess Anne. Some ways in which you can do this include sharing through social media, informing any transport or heritage related groups and contacting your local MP. Please forward this email to your friends & family or anyone you think may be relevant and ask if they could please sign the petition - it only takes a couple of minutes and every name counts. The link to our Facebook Group which is seeing increased support and will be updated with news can also be found below.

Thank you for your support
The Trustees

Sign The Petition

Join Our Facebook Group

The Hovercraft Museum Trust

The Hovercraft Museum Trust
Daedalus Site
Building 40
Seaplane Square
PO13 9NY

Landline: 02392 552090

Mobile: 07970 986251

Registered Charity: 1003689

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