Trade Announcements
If you require a Trade Forum Section within HighAlpha please contact Joe in the 1st instance via email
Advertising is set at £52.00 for the year.


Postby WalkAbout on Sun Nov 09, 2008 6:18 pm

This section has been specifically designed for the use of traders Annoncments. The "HighAlpha Team" wishes to welcome you to this section and wishes you all the best.

Within this section all traders have the opportunity to a level playing field to announce new products or important information. All traders will be given 3months free banner space,after which they will be asked make a donation of £50.00 for the remainder of the year, giving 12months total for £50.00. The Banner advert section that you take will allow you to have a designated, fixed space within "HighAlpha", which can be updated and edited only by yourself and also allow general users to post within,if you open these settings up. Links and contact details will be set-up directly from your allocated section.

Any trader may also use our section free,without taking a fixed designated space and banner, but will only be able to post once and once only within that thread,the option of having a registered member adding to your post,asking for information or posting details on the product or service you have supplied,will not be available. When the post has been made the topic will be locked with no further access being granted to add to, or make changes to that post. However you are able to continue to make further separate posts,but will obviously move further down the list as other traders post.

The reason behind setting out the advertising in this way is simple. Every trader has the opportunity to be a part of our new "By the Pilots,For the Pilots" site with as much or as little input as they deem fit. It will also make the need for posting and plugging within other threads a thing of past,ensuring a happy medium between threads and advertising. (We hope ;) )

Everyone here at HIGH ALPHA wishes you all every success!
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